Transcript I

Hoodie: Yeah?

Ginger: Oh fanks for answering geezer know what I mean?

John:  Give me dat. Where you been fool? Making us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and that

Ginger: Mr Daws is well on the war path with you bruv yea

Hoodie: Coz of the bag and that ?

Ginger: What bag? Coz you missed the lesson you chie-

John: Give me dat ! The bag weren’t the problem , Teggsy never mentioned it, he bott’led it. Ey, you coming round to mine later to play compu-er?

Hoodie: Nah man, I’m at home now, I got business I gotta run

Jonh: What business?

Hoodie: Business that minds it own, I’m ou’.

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