Transcript III – Text Conversation

Mum: How did your game go last night?

Me: Good!!!( punctuation added for emphasis) We won 7-1. So off to a good start for tournament.

Mum: Woohoo hope it keeps up, who are you playing today?

Me: Wellington ( annoyed emoji)(Paralinguistic Feature) they are going to be a lot harder I reacon (Colloquialism) 

Me: I got an award last night… (punctuation added for emphasis)

Mum: Fantastic (kissey emoji)(Paralinguistic Feature)

Me: It was kinda pointless though

Me: But still

Me: Are you going to wait and see Jess today

Mum: Be better when you get one for stopping an awesome goal (smiley emoji)(Paralinguistic Feature)

Mum: Yes I’m going to get her and then head to Invercargill

Me: Yeah that’s what I hope will happen. Although our first game I had a really good warmup and was stopping some great shots.

Me: Is she going to come with?

Mum: I don’t think so, but I will ask them.

Me: Okay

Me: There’s also a website you can go onto which has all the teams and stats and scores. wesecond in our pool so far.  if we beat Wellington we will be first.  (logogram)

Mum: No pressure then

Me: Yeah (thumbs up emoji)

Me: And we are going to the pool afterwards

Later On 

Mum: How did you go today?  Good pool? (Ellipsis) 

Me: Hey, it was 23°C and horrible to play in. We were tied 2-2 at halftime and then lost 4-2. Which was disappointing. One of the strikers kept crashing into me like 4 times and she full on hit my body with her stick. Wellington were rather rude and nasty.

Me: How are you

Mum:  I’m good, at Kingston on way to jake (Ellipsis)

Me: Oh yeah x (Paralinguistic Feature-Kiss)

Me: It’s going to be late when you get there

Mum: Yeah

Me: I love you x (Paralinguistic Feature-Kiss) drive safely

Mum: I love u too (logogram) 






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