Practice Paragraph for Formal Writing Essay

Show how Shakespeare uses language techniques to convey the degeneration of Macbeth’s mental state and how this links to the universal meaning of the play that power corrupts

Key Idea:  ambition causes mental deterioration  & destruction to humans. Power Corrupts humans 

In the famous tragedy Macbeth, we see how Shakespeare manipulates language and dramatic conventions to show the audience Macbeth’s mental deterioration over the course of his reign as King because of his desire for power and security.  One technique commonly used by Shakespeare is the use of Dramatic Irony ( metaphor?).  When Macbeth sees an imaginary dagger floating in the air and reaching towards his hand,  he takes it as a sign that the murder he is about to commit is the right thing to do. Dramatic Irony is used to show the audience how Macbeth’s mind is imagining things that aren’t truly there.




Floating dagger: Act 2 Scene 1

Seeing Banquo’s ghost:  Act 3 Scene 4


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