2016 practice paper

Describe at least one important object in the written text.
Explain why that object was important

In William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth, the object of blood is an important symbol that demonstrates Macbeth’s internal conflict because of his ambition. Blood is important in showing the conflict and the detrimental effects that ambition has on people who become corrupt by the temptations of ambition.

The symbol of blood first appears in the line “Or art thou but a dagger of the mind.. and on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood” said by Macbeth as he battles with the idea of killing King Duncan. Shakespeare uses the symbolism of blood on the dagger to represent the internal conflict that Macbeth feels to the idea of killing his friend. The blood is foreshadowing the murder Macbeth will commit, and the hallucination of the dagger shows the effects that his dire and evil ambition is already having on his mental state, as he begins to deteriorate. The blood on the dagger is important to show the audience that even in the early stages of Macbeth’s venture down ambitions dark roads, he is already facing the consequences of his ambition, and witnessing what his ambition could drive him to do.

Following on from the bloody dagger, Macbeth’s hands are stained with the blood of King Duncan after Macbeth murders him.

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