‘Adults use Logograms, Colloquialisms and Fillers to the same ability as Teens do’

My Hypothesis:   Adults use Logograms, Colloquialisms and Fillers to the same ability as teenagers do to communicate effectively through text conversation.

Building a rich Introduction

  • Build context
  • Persuasive /Rhetorical language
  • Select ‘juicy’ material from your study

4-5 paragraphs of analysis

My Introduction:


Have you ever realised how many times you text a ‘u’ instead of you, or text ‘gtg’, instead of got to go to your friends? Do you think your parents are doing the same or are the times moving too fast for adults to keep up?  In my analysis, I will investigate if adults are using Logograms, Colloquialisms and Fillers similar to what teenagers do, and if so, are they being as effective?

Teenagers are renowned for having text conversation that is seemingly impossible to understand from an outside point of view, but its clear to the people texting. We use logograms to be able to text faster ( this could be due to laziness) and colloquialisms are used as a way for us to convey our ideas in ways out text partner will understand .



Transcript III – Text Conversation

Mum: How did your game go last night?

Me: Good!!!( punctuation added for emphasis) We won 7-1. So off to a good start for tournament.

Mum: Woohoo hope it keeps up, who are you playing today?

Me: Wellington ( annoyed emoji)(Paralinguistic Feature) they are going to be a lot harder I reacon (Colloquialism) 

Me: I got an award last night… (punctuation added for emphasis)

Mum: Fantastic (kissey emoji)(Paralinguistic Feature)

Me: It was kinda pointless though

Me: But still

Me: Are you going to wait and see Jess today

Mum: Be better when you get one for stopping an awesome goal (smiley emoji)(Paralinguistic Feature)

Mum: Yes I’m going to get her and then head to Invercargill

Me: Yeah that’s what I hope will happen. Although our first game I had a really good warmup and was stopping some great shots.

Me: Is she going to come with?

Mum: I don’t think so, but I will ask them.

Me: Okay

Me: There’s also a website you can go onto which has all the teams and stats and scores. wesecond in our pool so far.  if we beat Wellington we will be first.  (logogram)

Mum: No pressure then

Me: Yeah (thumbs up emoji)

Me: And we are going to the pool afterwards

Later On 

Mum: How did you go today?  Good pool? (Ellipsis) 

Me: Hey, it was 23°C and horrible to play in. We were tied 2-2 at halftime and then lost 4-2. Which was disappointing. One of the strikers kept crashing into me like 4 times and she full on hit my body with her stick. Wellington were rather rude and nasty.

Me: How are you

Mum:  I’m good, at Kingston on way to jake (Ellipsis)

Me: Oh yeah x (Paralinguistic Feature-Kiss)

Me: It’s going to be late when you get there

Mum: Yeah

Me: I love you x (Paralinguistic Feature-Kiss) drive safely

Mum: I love u too (logogram) 






Transcript II

Abigail is pulling out grass excessively

Annika: “Abi you’re wrecking the field”

Abigail: “Sorreee” ( Repeated vowel-Sound Emphasis)

Annika: “Keep your hands to yourself.” (Aggressive tone)

Brianna: “Do you guys remember like (Verbal Filler), when they graffitied the field?”

Annika: “Yes”

Abigail: “I wasn’t here for that.”

Annika: “Oh my god!”

Brianna: “It was so funny!”

Annika: “They like, didn’t they get fined or something?”

Brianna: “They got like weedkiller.”

Abigail: “Oh yeah, didn’t they like spray it in the quad? Or on the field?”

Annika: “Yeah they did some on the quad as well.”

Brianna: “Yeah they got weedkiller(Back- tracking) and like, drew inappropriate things.”

Abigail: “Oh…”  (Colloquialism) awkward face

Brianna: “It was quite funny.”

Annika: “Didn’t Mr Hose say they got fined or something?”

Abigail: “Yeah they probably did. Coz(Colloquialism)  its like... bad stuff, what, what is it?”

Annika: “Yeah they had to re- like – ”

Brianna interrupts

Brianna: “It cost a lot of money”

Abigail: “Hhh ( verbal filler). Wasn’t it a leaving prank or something?”

Annika: “Yeah” (Colloquialism) 

Brianna: “Yeah, I wonder what Jessie and Stirling -”

Abigail interrupts

Abigail: “Oh, they banned all the pranks last year.”

Brianna: “Did they?”

Abigail: “And they said that if anyone like did any pranks they would get like ex -”

Brianna interrupts

Brianna: “Well they can’t get expelled coz they’re leaving.” Sarcasm

Abigail: (interrupts Brianna at they’re) “Well no, they, they would get a fine or s-something or rather – (Brianna “That sucks”) “I’m not really sure”

Annika: “What did they do last year?

Abigail: “They, they couldn’t do it last year coz there was a big punishment ”

Brianna: ” That’s not really fair”

Abigail: ” They didn’t do anything, they weren’t allowed”

Annika: “You sure?” (Confirmation)

Abigail: “Yeah”

Brianna: “Yeah they did! Didn’t they?”

Abigail: ” No coz Sam was gonna do one but he couldn’t do it coz (colloquialism)   he would have got like a serious-”

Annika interrupts

Annika:  “Has Sam left ?”

Abigail: ” Yeah ”

Annika: ” oh my god”

Brianna: ” He was in Year 13 last year ”

Abigail: ” Yeah he moved yesterday ”

Annika: ” Wheres he going?” ( Brianna says simultaneously: “Yesterday !?”)

Abigail: ” Or the, day before or something, he’s going to um ( Verbal Filler) , Canterbury”

Brianna: ” Mumbles unidentifiable sound”

Annika: “Oh cool”

Abigail: ” Engineering”

Annika: ” Oh, like, Luke ”

Brianna: ” Sounds like Sam, that’s smart………”

Annika: ” gasps” That’s so cool”

Abigail: ” All of the boys in Year 13 who have, like, half a brain are doing engineering”





Transcript I

Hoodie: Yeah?

Ginger: Oh fanks for answering geezer know what I mean?

John:  Give me dat. Where you been fool? Making us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and that

Ginger: Mr Daws is well on the war path with you bruv yea

Hoodie: Coz of the bag and that ?

Ginger: What bag? Coz you missed the lesson you chie-

John: Give me dat ! The bag weren’t the problem , Teggsy never mentioned it, he bott’led it. Ey, you coming round to mine later to play compu-er?

Hoodie: Nah man, I’m at home now, I got business I gotta run

Jonh: What business?

Hoodie: Business that minds it own, I’m ou’.

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